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Jennifer & Travis

This post has been on my mind since the afternoon I uploaded it. Jennifer and Travis are full of character, laughter and have the picture perfect family with their dog Lee-Loo. Last weekend, when we shot this beautiful couple, it was our first time doing a baseball theme. But we all know, there is no baseball game without popcorn! I must admit, with all of Lee-Loo’s excitement because of the running space he had and the interesting Florida weather, we never pictured such a great turn out. We will have the pleasure of shooting their wedding next month. Stay tuned for more!



Lee-Loo with her #TeamRodgers t-shirt




Imagine being behind the camera witnessing Jennifer’s sweet, subtle smile turned to a grin followed by a handful of popcorn with Travis taking a mouthful!


We just love the soft look here with the sun being golden as usual in Florida. What a mouthful of creamy goodness!CollageJT2CollageJT3

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