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Our Story

Get familiar with the company’s history,

meet the team and know what type of services we provide.

St.Clerv Photo specializes in Wedding Photography. Lead Photographers Patrick Clerveaux and Jackson Saint-Fort have worked as fashion and wedding photographers and also freelance portrait photographers in the Southern regions of Florida for over 7 years. They started out with the fashion industry in south Florida. During the years which led up to 2013 the two worked with various companies including  fashion designers , stylist , agency models and handbag designers all over the South Florida area. in 2014 the owners decided to focus solely on wedding in order to be more effective in their outcome products and customer satisfaction. since the refocus of the company, they have added a third member and have worked with multiple contractors to carry out all types of wedding.  St.Clerv Photo is a Wedding photography company that serves the South Florida area and is working on expanding the brand internationally.


Jackson St.Fort

Lead Photographer

Patrick Clerveaux

Lead Photographer


We believe we have a responsibility to help

our clients and communities, and are using our

resources and expertise to help bring arts in cities

around the world.

Wedding Photography

The day of a lifetime that will be remembered from generation to generation.

Engagement Session

An engagement session is an opportunity for the couple to work with the photographer for the first time and to see how we connect.


When the big day comes, you want to make sure you have a team that can guarantee results while maintaining professionalism. We pride ourselves in doing just that for every event.

Graduation Photography

When you over that milestone in your life, allow us to help you capture the moment.

Infant photography

Those adorable moments of newborns and toddlers will last forever. let us capture them so you can relive them as time goes by.

Landscape Photography

Whether its a vast open space or a house for sale, we can capture high quality image for you.