Welcome to St.Clerv Photo. Story telling embellished by the decor of your love.
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 – Our Mission –

Documenting the most important relationships in life and the events tailored around these relationships.

About Us

Hi! We are St.Clerv Photo, a group of storytellers with a passion for love – love inspires us. We believe in documenting moments within moments and the timelessness of memories preserved within each frozen frame.



Stories through a frozen frame has a breathtaking timelessness, that I find myself capturing with great intent. As a photographer, I do more than just take photographs. I am a visual storyteller where every moment has the potential to become a possible masterpiece. Whether it be a bride tossing her veil with voracious gaiety to a somber young flower girl or the deepest breath the groom has ever inhaled before laying eyes on the love of his life as she walks down the aisle, I capture it. I love people and have been destined to document life through the eyes of love. Photography is a way for me to help make your memorable moments--- everlasting.

Jackson St.Fort

Screen Shot 2017-07-22 at 10.59.37 AM

Welcome to St.Clerv Photo!
My name is Pierre Abreu, and I’m a lead photographer at St. Clerv Photo. I began my career in Brazil where I shot over 40 weddings and other special engagements. As a photographer, it’s with great honor that I have become an integral part of a community that has allowed me to take part in their sacred celebrations. I’m here to help you cherish important moments with family and friends.

Pierre Abreu


Hi! I’m Patrick, a photographer with a deep passion for capturing organic moments. Put simply, what’s most important in my storytelling is capturing your true self. The beauty of your event begins with loved ones, and of course you! My main goal is to capture your most memorable moments, comfortably. I see photography not only as special gadgets and lighting, but an ability — the ability to capture you being your true self. The moment I love most about a wedding day, for instance, is the bride walking down the aisle, and being able to capture the groom as himself, embracing the feeling of an empty room. It truly is a natural feeling that overcomes the groom, as tears roll down his cheeks and he sees no one else but her. We’re excited to share this journey, guide you through our road map, and capture the images worth sharing with the people most important in your life.

Patrick Clerveaux


How We Do it

We start with a roadmap, learning about each event through our unique clients. Our creative process is like no other, dedicated to serving people and trust. Every successful event relies on a combination of people, process, and trust.around the world.